Haunted, Craftswoman House Temporary Residence at Long Beach Cultural Alliance, October 2013.

Throughout history, creative works by women have often been devalued, dismissed, and even buried. While women’s contributions to art and culture have been more visible in recent years, blind spots still exist. Feminist art of the 1970s serves as a profound antecedent to contemporary art, but rich bodies of feminist work are barely acknowledged in discussions on current art practices including relational aesthetics and the prevalent use of informal and domestic materials. The artists in Haunted explore the hollows of history, to wake ghosts and channel hidden voices. These artists express a fluid exchange between the body and memory through a focus on tactile experience, manifestations of the repressed female body, and an emphasis on process as a means to capture the immaterial.

Exhibition with works by Evah Hart, Annelie McKenzie, Tina Lineville, Mary Anna Pomonis, and Cindy Rehm

Performances by: Ali Kheradyar, Chelsea Rector, and Semi-Tropic Spiritualists

Haunted Video Program: Ursula Brookbank, Min Choi, Anne Colvin, Micol Hebron, Nina Lassila, Elizabeth Leister, Shana Robbins and Alberto Roman, Simone Stoll, Tracy Abbott Szatan and Marisa Williamson

Index image: Ursula Brookbank