Four weeks of artist talks, screenings, and performances ...and some ping-pong in between

Screening of Mady Schutzman's Dear Comrade with research on Llano Del Rio presented by Craftswoman House & Hinterculture

Thursday, November 7, 7pm

Greene Gallery, 2654 La Cienega Ave, Los Angeles, California 90034

 Written and directed by CalArts faculty member Mady Schutzman, Dear Comrade is an experimental essay film that documents the story of Llano del Rio (1914-18), the most important non-religious communitarian experiment in western American history. Llano is offered as a site to explore the struggles, courage, frustrations, fantasies, and Sisyphean efforts of innumerable idealists who have assumed comparable struggles in spite of tremendous odds. The story is told through archival footage, surreal re-enactments, interviews with ex-colonists, local residents and historians, and the meanderings of a silent nomad through the ruins of the Llano colony in the Mojave Desert. Through the intersection of stories, a seemingly traditional documentary morphs into a montage of parallel universes, political commentary, clownery, and a palpable desire—failings and disappointments notwithstanding—to give idealism and cooperation another try. Karyl Newman and Cindy Rehm will present their research on the colony and join the filmmaker in a question and answer segment following the screening. 



Secret Book


On Saturday, October 12th, I will present my new performance Secret Book at Mains D'oeuvres in Saint-Ouen, France in conjunction with Alexandra Grant’s Forêt Intérieure/Interior ForestSecret Book reflects reoccurring themes drawn from Hélène Cixous’ Philippines, including telepathy, doubling, and the relationship between dream-life and the limitless imagination of childhood. I will transverse the space using the professed secret books of Hélène Cixous and Alexandra Grant, while enacting a private ritual that explores transference between the interior and exterior body through quiet meditations and symbolic gestures. 


October 5-25

Opening reception, Saturday October 5, 6-9pm

Cultural Alliance of Long Beach
Bungalow Art Center
727 Pine Avenue. Long Beach, 90813

Featuring works by: Evah Hart, Tina Linville, Annelie McKenzie, Mary Anna Pomonis, and Cindy Rehm

Performances by: Ali Kheradyar, Chelsea Rector, and Semi-Tropic Spiritualists 

Video Screening with works by: Ursula Brookbank, Min Choi, Anne Colvin, Micol Hebron, Nina Lassila, Elizabeth Leister, Shana Robbins and Alberto Roman, Simone Stoll, Tracy Abbott Szatan and Marisa Williamson.

For the month of October, Craftswoman House Temporary Residence partners with Long Beach Riot Grrrl to present an exhibition and series of events at the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach. The exhibition Haunted will open on Saturday, October 5, from 6-9pm. The opening event will include a series of performance works and a video screening. The show closes on Friday, October 25 with a LB Riot Grrrl Show from 6pm-Midnight.


Throughout history, creative works by women have often been devalued, dismissed, and even buried. While women’s contributions to art and culture have been more visible in recent years, blind spots still exist. Feminist art of the 1970s serves as a profound antecedent to contemporary art, but rich bodies of feminist work are barely acknowledged in discussions on current art practices including relational aesthetics and the prevalent use of informal and domestic materials. The artists in Haunted explore the hollows of history, to wake ghosts and channel hidden voices. These artists express a fluid exchange between the body and memory through a focus on tactile experience, manifestations of the repressed female body, and an emphasis on process as a means to capture the immaterial.

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