spare room, Baltimore 2003-2007

spare room was an innovative do-it-yourself space which showed installation and temporary works in a private residence in Baltimore City. Over a four year span, spare room hosted over twenty projects. The works were on view for one night only to a diverse local crowd.

spare room favored process over permanence and encouraged artists to experiment with ideas and materials. The projects created new dialogues across a diverse audience about art, life, and the intersection of the two.

Project images from left to right:  Denise Tassin, Leslie Mutchler, Ric Royer & Kevin Thurston, Cara Over & Julie Benoit, Stephanie Robbins, Jennie Fleming, Lynn Silverman & Glen Shrum, Jason Urban, Jessica Lesson, Temple Crocker, Cornel Rubino, Ellen Supe, Andrea Biller, Renee vander Stelt, Carol Galligan, Lauren Bender, T. Charnan Lewis, Cindy Rehm, and spare room mascot Gromit.